Wishes Granted

Power Assisted Trike for Mikey

12-year-old Mikey has Cerebral Palsy and is a quadriplegic - his wish was for a state of the art, power assisted trike.

Holiday for Kate

9-year-old Kate has a chromosome disorder, IDIC15 and Lennox Gaustaut type epilepsy and can suffer up to 100 seizures a day. At home she uses a 'safespace' bed to prevent harm during these seizures. Her wish was for a travel version of her bed so that she can go away on holiday

Wheelchair Karate for David

15-year-old David has Cerebral palsy and is a keen sportsman - he wanted a wheelchair that would allow him to take part in wheelchair karate.

Climbing Frame for Stephen

13-year-old Stephen is Autistic with severe learning difficulties - his wish was for a climbing frame to be installed in his garden

Safe Car Journeys for Christopher

5-year-old Christopher has Downs Syndrome and very poor muscle tone. His wish was for a specialised car seat, which will allow him to be taken out safely.

Blackpool Holiday for Sam

11-year-old Sam has a life limiting disease and his wish was for a trip to the seaside. He and his family had a week in Blackpool earlier this year.

Touch Screen Laptop for Carrie

7-year-old Carrie has Spastic Quadrapelgia Cerebral Palsy – her wish was for a touch screen laptop

Purpose Built Caravan Ramp for Kevin

20-year-old Kevin is a severely disabled wheelchair user – his wish was for a purpose built ramp to be installed to gain access to the family caravan.

Household Help for Tanya

Household equipment was granted for Tanya - a full time carer for her 2-year-old son who has a life limiting disease.

A New Laptop for Jackie

50-year-old Jackie has Cerebral Palsy and is a wheelchair user. She is cared for in a residential home and longed for a laptop to allow her to be contact with the - outside world

Specialist Leg Braces for Charlotte

9-year-old Charlotte has suffered with symptoms of Charcot Marie Tooth since her birth. Charlotte needed specialist leg braces to allow her the freedom of living a "normal" life.

A New Bed for Sophie

11-year-old Sophie has complex physical and learning difficulties and had outgrown her specialist bed. In order to keep her safe a new bed was purchased.

Specialised Trike for Daniel

2-year-old Daniel suffers from Spastic Cerebral Palsy and is hoping to travel to America next year for complex surgery to his spine.  In preparation for this operation he needs to build up the muscles in his legs. His wish was for a specialised trike.

Sensory Equipment for Alison

6-year-old Alison has a chromosome deletion, severe autism and challenging behaviour. Her wish was for sensory equipment, which will help her to relax.

Playhouse and Climbing Frame for Ciaran

5-year-old Ciaran has severe haemophilia and Von Willebrand disease. His condition means it is not safe for him to join other children his age playing outdoors.  His wish was for a safe playhouse and climbing frame for his garden.

Wheelchair for Harry

Funding towards new wheelchair for 25 year old Harry who suffers with quadriplegic cerebral palsy

Sensory Toys for David and Daniel

Both of whom have cerebral palsy

Stairlift for 11 year old Sam

Welcome packs

Welcome packs for children undergoing Radiotherapy at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Disneyland for Anna

Trip to Disneyland Florida for 2 year old Anna who has Leukaemia

iPad for 16 year old Jamie